Klindex Kroma single disc sanding machine 3.5HP

Introducing the NEW single disc sanding machine from KLINDEX for wood floors.

With 3.5HP strong motors and a dust collector to work dust free, it is ideal to sand wooden floors and also has the ability to grind and polish concrete.

This special offer is only available until the end of JUNE 2024 and includes

On board vacuum cleaner

Extractor Hood

Pad Holder for sandpaper

Pad holder for floor pads

Main features

Powerful 3.5HP motors

Dust collector

Extractor hood with two connections for vacuum cleaner

Adjustable handle for comfortable working

Below items are ONLY AVAILABLE when ordering machine!!

Tools and accessories for sanding wooden floors:

Sand paper double face diam. 425 grit 16  £20.00(extra course for sanding)

Sand paper double face diam. 425 grit 24  £20.00 (course for sanding)

Sand paper double face diam. 425 grit 36  £20.00 (medium for sanding)

Sand paper double face diam. 425 grit 60  £20.00 (fine for sanding)

Sand paper double face diam. 425 grit 80  £20.00 (extra fine for sanding)

Mesch disc girt 120   box 5 discs £32.00 (for finishing before painting)

Mesch disc girt 220   box 5 discs £32.00 (to remove the excess of varnish)

Red floor pads box 5 discs £50.00(to use as holder for mesh discs)

Tools for floor preparation

Tytan disk vidia disc) course diam. 430 grit 14   £99.00  

Tytan disk (vidia disc) medium diam. 430 grit 24  £99.00

Tytan disk (vidia disc) fine diam.430 grit 36 £99.00

Note: Tytan disks are special tools to remove glues and to prepare the surface for the application of new coating. The choice of grit depends from the kind of coating you want to apply.

Tools and accessories for grinding and polishing concrete floors:

ELIKA 17 grit000 £42.00 (to remove big scratches)

ELIKA 17 grit 00   £42.00 (to remove big marks)

ELIKA 17 grit 0     £42.00 (to remove light marks)

ELIKA 17 grit 1     £42.00 (to removes minus spot and leaves matt finish)

ELIKA 17 grit 2     £42.00 (to leave honed finish)

ELIKA 17 grit 3     £42.00 (to leaves semigloss finish)

ELIKA 17 grit 4     £42.00(to leave gloss finish)

TANK lit 18          £55.00(to use with the machine for wet grinding and polishing)

BETON GUARD LITHIUM LT 5  £215.00 (to protect and shine concrete floors)

DISCOLUX 17box 5 discs£70.00 (special floor pad to polish BETON GUARD LITHIUM)

STONESOAP box 3x5 lit£220 (for cleaning and maintenance)


All prices include VAT and FREE DELIVERY to Mainland UK