Bezillo Granite rust stain Remover 1KG

This is a specific product for removing rust and oxidation from natural stones in general.

Bezillo Granite Stain Remover provides an effective action on any type of surface and specifically on materials such as granite, quartzite and all those stone materials that have ferrous minerals in their composition.

it is recommended to be used by marble workers, to eliminate any residues after cutting or to remove oxidation due to contactwith metallic materials causing rust staining.

Please note:- If used on polished surfaces, it will remove the polish and the surface will need to be repolished after the stain has been removed.


Bezillo Granite Rust stain remover can be applied pure or diluted in water depending on the type of oxidation to be removed, taking care to wet the part
to be stripped with water before applying the product.

Leave on for at least 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Do not let the product dry on the surface to prevent absorption from giving rise to dark halos.

 Manufactured by GEMS Italy

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