Bezillo Optivix solid strong stone glue 1 litre

 BEZILLO OPTIVIX is an extra strong transparent polypotix vinylester solid glue, it is specially formulated to repair and fix white marbles and other natural stone tiles in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Bezillo Optivix is very light in colour hence ensuring excellent results on white and light coloured stones. The cured mastic can be easily polished and sanded. 

It has an excellent adhesion, has low shrinkage and the reactivity is very good even in cold conditions.


Superior quality

Extra strong knife grade vinylester glue

Excellent reactivity in all temperatures

Easy to mix colours

Low shrinkage

Provides shiny results after polish

used by professionals


1KG + Hardener

Art No 99.000.14

Manufactured by GEMS Italy

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