Bezillo SMA cream stain Remover

Bezillo Sma Cream stain remover is a specially developed formula for removing stubborn dirt and residues, using tiny particles to penetrate into the small surface pores where it can effectively work to remove stubborn surface marks where normal detergents cannot succeed. 

Bezillo SmaCream stain remover will remove factory applied waxes and surface coating sealers including light grout and epoxy residues. Product is not toxic, not flammable or acidic.

Application for use

Shake product well before use.
Test small area: Determine your desired result by testing a discreet area.

Before application on floors, sweep ,or vacuum to remove any loose debris ready to apply product. In the case or work tops wipe away any surface crumbs or general dirt.

WORK COUNTER TOPS ( Kitchen- Bathroom – Bars – Fireplaces): using a damp cloth remove any excess surface dirt.

Pre wet surface with small amount of water and apply and proceed to agitate using a white nylon pad in circular movements until you have cleaned your surface.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water and using a clean cloth to remove excess dirt/residues.

If necessary repeat process for best results. In case of extremely stubborn marks Bezillo Sma Cream stain remover can be used pure without water and as before thoroughly rinse with clean water and using a clean cloth to remove all residues.

 Manufactured by GEMS Italy

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