Hyper Grinder 1-4 Wood Floor Sander

Professional multipurpose planetary sander with 4 heads. 

Revolutionise your work with 1-4 Wood: the counter-rotating planetary sander with 4 heads! Designed for excellence in sanding, oiling, brushing and finishing on all wood flooring and parquet.

With a 4HP motor, unmatched ease of use, and a wide range of Accessories, it's the ultimate solution for concrete preparation and sanding, removal of glues and resins, and finishing on countless surfaces. Versatility meets power!


Guaranteed ease of use: Our machine is designed for perfect balance, ensuring sanding operations in all directions with extreme ease and comfort.

Impeccable flatness and finishing results: Thanks to the I-4 Wood planetary system with 4 counter-rotating heads and height-adjustable wheels, you will achieve excellent results every time.

Innovative design: The machine is not only easy to transport due to its minimal footprint and compact design, but also features a 90° foldable handle for increased convenience.

Versatility and functionality: With our quickly detachable planetary system, you can easily adapt the machine to a wide range of applications, using different drivers, brushes, or mono-brush accessories.

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Manufactured by Hyper Grinder

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