Klindex Quality 17" floor cleaning, stripping and polishing pads

Klindex quality Black Floor Pads can be used for the wet stripping of hard floors, for example, the removal of strong layers of wax. Removes the old finishes and eliminates concrete burrs. 

Klindex quality RedFloor Pads are generally used for Spray-Cleaning. For frequent use of relatively clean floors. These can also be used dry to clean and polish and for removing marks. 

Klindex quality White Floor Pads are used for polishing. Suitable for finishing and polishing floors. Use dry or slightly damp. 

Klindex quality Ultra Blackpads are a special abrasive floor pad to clean effectively and to remove concrete milk on industrial floors. 

Klindex quality Green floor pads are used for wet stripping on linoleum, rubber.

Klindex quality Brown floor pads are used for wet and dry cleaning of all hard floors.

Other sizes are available by special order, see below - minimum order of 5.

Qty Size: 4″/100mm 6″/150mm 8″/200mm 9,5″/240mm 11″/280mm 13″/330mm 14″/355mm 16″/406mm 17″/430mm 20″/510mm 21″/530mm 24″/610mm 28″/710mm

**Superblack are only available in sizes 9.5"/240mm, 13"/330mm and 17"/430mm**

Prices include VAT