Klindex Stone Soap Cleaner and Impregnating sealer 5 Litre

Klindex Stone soap is the ideal product to use as a cleaner and impregnating sealer, this amazing product has a distinctive combination of natural fatty acids that react with the calcium found in a range of natural stone and concrete floors. Due to this, the use of Klindex Stone Soapon concrete and natural stone floor surfaces will create a dirt-repellent barrier that is insoluble to water, this means that its use will temporarily halt the water transferred dirt from penetrating them.

KLINDEX STONE SOAP: It cleans, protects and leaves the floor water repellent after just one application. Try this after marble polishing powder! You will save time, leaves the floor shiny and water repellent with minimum efforts and cost!

Unique, biologically degradable sealer & cleaner than clean and protect all type of natural stones surface, as well as marble, terrazzo, granite, engineered stones, It can be used also on Polished concrete, linoleum and wood.

Wherever you have high standard on cleaning and impregnation effect and where you want to have a durable water and dirt repellant finish, KLINDEX STONE SOAP is a superior cleaner & sealer that is used by market leading professionals. 

You can use with mop, or with automatic scrubber machines.

Dilution 2 to 5% in clear water

Available only in a 5 Litre carton.

Ideal to use after using floor polishing powder.

Klindex Stone Soapwill also clean and protect grout.

Klindex Stone Soap will not alter the colour of any floor surface.

Suitable for use on all natural stone, Concrete, Unglazed ceramics, Terrazzo and Linoleum.

⚠️  :- can cause irritation to skin and eyes, if this happens rinse thoroughly with water.

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